Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Websites that work for me

Today's Works-for-me Wednesday is actually a themed one. Today, it is all about those websites out in internet-land that work for me. So, let me dive right in and let you know websites that I frequent that make my life so much easier.

The first site is called Fat Wallet. It is where I go before I buy any electronic or big-ticket item. It shows what sales, specials and deals various online sites and stores are offering. There is even a place that you can name your own price to an online store. The request is then submitted to the online location and they determine how much of a discount to give. I submitted a request when I purchased this and was able to get $35 off the already great price that was offered.

The second site is site. My favorite item that I bought from them was the one listed above. Another great one are these which we purchased for my son's playroom. They have been so kid-friendly and a wonderful addition to the area.

D-Man is really into the computer these days and Husband and I like to give him the opportunity to play educational games from time to time. For those games, we like this, this and this site. All are great and D-Man feels really grown-up when he plays his games.

And finally, I learned of 3tdesigns site many months ago from my high school friend who actually started it. We tried it out on our Christmas cards and absolutely loved them! If you need a baby announcement, birthday card or holiday card, you might check it out to see what is offered.

For other great sites enjoy by others, visit Shannon's site!

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