Monday, February 4, 2008

Man at Work

The "D" household needs repair work done from time to time. Often times, Husband can enable his natural "fix-it" ability and get the job done.

But, there are times when Husband is just not the answer.

Then we must call this one.

And he comes and surveys the situation and makes sure he has all his tools available.

He even comes whenever we call. Even if it is early morning and he is still in his jammies and socks (no shoes).

He sometimes even brings over the heavy equipment if our problem warrants such.

But, he can be a bit pricey and sometimes hard to deal with. We've learned, though, that a cup of milk and some homeade pancakes smooth over every situation.

If you need him in the future, you can call 55-CUTIEPIE and he will try and fit you into his schedule.

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Queen Mother said...

How cute!!! Love the pictures.

Lisa @ Take90West said...

He is so much cuter than the guy who came to fix my dishwasher today!