Friday, May 23, 2008

HE still is

I'm sure most (or all) of you have heard by now the mind-numbing tragedy that Steven Curtis Chapman and family have endured over the last couple of days. I ache for each member of this family as they deal with this tragedy in their own way. I especially grieve and pray for the brother whose life has now been forever changed. It has caused my thoughts and prayers to go into overdrive and from it, this is what I've determined.

God was, is and always will be.

HE is all-powerful, all-knowing and amazingly aware of each and every need we have.

And I am confident that HE is wrapping HIS arms ever so tightly around this family.

Please continue to lift this sweet family up in prayer.

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Beachy Mimi said...

This situation just breaks my heart. I will continue lifting them up in prayer.

THE ROOST said...

It is SO very sad and you are right God is there stronger than ever. I will continue to pray.