Monday, May 5, 2008

It just might overtake me

My OCD, it rules the roost. I mean, it really rules the roost.

It makes me check the bed after it's made, and then check it again making sure all is lined up properly.

It makes me check the locked door and then check it again because it really might have unlocked itself in the nanosecond since I last checked it.

It causes me to check a sleeping D-Man only 8 times before I go to bed instead of the usual 1 that normal people check.

It makes me pull out the swiffer at any available moment to get the lingering dust particles off of the dashboard.

It causes my house to be clean before my housekeeper comes every two weeks.

It makes me over pack for any trip I take even if it is just from my front door to the mailbox (you never know when you might need your toothbrush, mascara and hairspray between the door and the mail).

And it totally explains my need for a diet coke (or two or three) each day to keep my OCD self going.

So, I've got to stop now and read and re-read what I've just written for it might need a pillow fluff, a deadbolt turned, a hug goodnight, a quick swiffer, a touch of hairspray and a sip of diet coke to make sure it is perfect, just perfect.

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Queen B said...

I feel your pain. Oh, how I feel your pain.

The Roost said...

I battle it too! Fight it though,in just one area loosen up...Maybe start with the hair spray! Ha Have a good care free day!

Keepin' It Real said...

did you happen to notice when your "housekeeper" left,that the rugs were perfectly lined with the tiles in the bathroom, the faucets were perfectly straight with the center of the you see a pattern here????

Jenny said...

i am the same way - well, not so much with the house cleaning although i wish i was ocd with that! i used to be before cole came but there is just not enough time in the day sometimes!!!

Becoming Me said...

Bless your heart Amy. Is it really that bad or are you exaggerating for humor? I may be taking you too seriously. I had a serious OCD component with my PPD and so I always feel a ping of pain for someone else with it.