Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life Lesson #1

First let's set the stage for Life Lesson #1.

Old friends and I talk about getting together. The zoo is mentioned. We all have kids and know that lots of outdoor time at the zoo coupled with picnic lunches and cool treats would be the perfect setting for a bunch of fun.

A date was set; 3 moms, 4 kids (all under the age of 3), 2 SUVS and at least 2 hours in the car (one SUV from one direction, mine from another).

Tuesday morning, 8:08 am arrives and I set out on my quest for the big city of Tulsa, OK. The GPS lady tells me that I will arrive at approximately 10:41 am at the Tulsa Zoo. D-Man has a movie on, breakfast in hand and I have a few hours of quiet time left ahead of me.

The drive is uneventful, a few showers linger from the night before. Not enough, however, to dampen our day.

Until friend's car arrives at the zoo.

And the zoo is temporarily closed...because of rain...they had made the decision to close the zoo AFTER we had all gotten in the car with our 3 moms and 4 kids (all under the age of 3).

Four kids who really wanted to see the lions and tigers and bears!

Oh my is what the 3 moms were thinking, but quick thinking got us a back-up plan and we went to the Oklahoma Aquarium instead.

So, the life lesson I have for you is this, have ESP or be telepathic or something and just know that the zoo might not be open when you drive over 2 hours with 3 moms and 4 kids (all under the age of 3).

And did I mention that the child under the age of 3 riding with me is newly potty trained? And we were traveling on the Oklahoma Turnpike. That has few stopping points.

Needless to say, a fun day was had at the Aquarium and the food was yummy at the restaurant, so all was good.

Stay tuned, I'm sure I'll have Life Lesson #2 before you know it.

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Deanne said...

I'm glad to see that the three moms were quick thinking and found an alternative plan! :)

Queen B said...

Hmmm. Not seeing how that could've been prevented. And that whole time in the car with the newly potty trained child with no pit stops is super scary.

Hip Hip Hooray for the Aquarium. Otherwise you would have been in big, big trouble.

Mrs. Jules said...

You 3 mothers handled it like pros! Flexibility...and a calm demeanor. My kids don't usually go into a panic unless Mom does. ;)

Beachy Mimi said...

Whew! That was close. Thank goodness for the Aquarium.

Jennifer said...

Yikes! That was a close one!! Thank goodness for quick thinking and Aquariums...and potty breaks!
I'm glad everthing turned out good for you guys.

Have a great weekend Amy!!