Friday, May 30, 2008

Hey, Hey Hubby's on Vacay!

Can you tell that I'm a bit excited?

Tomorrow marks the beginning of 9 days of vacation for Husband and I could not be more happy.


We are headed to Texas tonight to see our new niece, Baby C. Then back again to hang out at home and just enjoy being a family.

Yes, that's right, just enjoying being together.

It's something we don't get the chance to do very often because Husband's job requires that he be on call a lot.

So, we jump at the chance to just be, dad and D-Man.

I'm sure that we will sleep late (yeah right, not with an almost 3 year old in the house), eat so healthy (yeah right, not with a 30 year old dad in the house) and relax (yeah right, the laundry doesn't do itself while one's on vacation).

And I'll be here, giving you an up-to-the-minute play by play of what is going on.

The anticipation is killing you, huh?

Have a GREAT weekend!

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momof2 said...

Your hubby definently deserves the break. Hope ya'll have fun!

Beachy Mimi said...

Have a great trip and enjoy your nine wonderful days!

THE ROOST said...

Hope you have a wonderful vacation!