Friday, August 15, 2008

And apparently, I'm now potty training a second child

D-Man's been potty trained for several months now. It is wonderful!

But, it appears that I am now potty training a second family member at the request of D-Man. His name is George, Curious George that is, and he is of the plush variety.

D-Man brought him to me the other day when both were supposed to be in their bed, quietly taking a nap. Our conversation went something like this.

D-Man: "Mom (because mommy is so yesterday in his book), George needs to go potty, can you take him?"

Me: "Well, sure."

We enter D-Man's bathroom and D-Man says: "Can you help George sit on the potty?"

To which I oblige and sit him on the potty to do his "business."

George finishes, D-Man tells him they need to flush, they flush and then D-Man says to George, "Great job George, give me a high give."

They high five and I think that we are finished when D-Man looks at me ever so seriously and says, "Mom, can you wash George's hands?'

Did I tell you he was of the plush variety?

So, I do what any mom would do and "wash" George's hands and the two exit the bathroom like they had accomplished a great feat.

And I prayed that D-Man would always ask for my help when taking George potty because a boy, his plush toy and a toilet bowl of unsupervised water does not exactly sound like a good idea to me...I'm just saying.

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Keepin' It Real said...

So I'm guessing George is no longer having to wear pull-ups???????

Beachy Mimi said...

You probably need to have a plumber on standby.

Kim said...

if you are good at potty training, could you come to my house - I've got 3 that need to be trained!!