Monday, August 18, 2008

Pigskin & Turf...It's That Time Again

It's that time we here in the D-Household like to refer to as football season! Is anyone else excited?

Growing up in a small town with a father into football and a brother into football and eventually with a boyfriend (now my husband) into football, guess what I learned to love?

And love it I really do!

It is an activity that I know Husband adores and I know how much he likes for me to go with him. And it is a love we hope to pass on to D-Man.

It started last year after we moved back to our small, rural hometown. We were able to start taking D-Man to our local high school games and teaching him those traditions that Husband and I had grown up on. What fun it was to go back as a parent and see it through my own child's eyes...eyes that 12 years ago I couldn't imagine myself being blessed to look into.

And this past weekend, we worked to extend D-Man's love to our Arkansas Razorbacks by taking him to "Fan Day."

I think he looks like he is getting the hang of things.

He was even able to fit in a little stretching and running. Is anyone as excited as we are that this "season" is almost upon us?


Heather said...

I am actually playing Fantasy Football with my husband this year on his work league. For the past couple of years I have really started enjoying football, and I think this will help me like it even more! I hope so anyway. I hope it doesn't do the opposite and burn me out.

Cheryl said...

we LOVE football, UGA footabll that is!!! We went this weekend to their picture day. I'm hopefully going to post some pictures soon!

Queen B said...

Woo Hoo! We are really excited for the season, too.

Um, excuse me? Where is the picture of the boy and his ladies?

The Landers Family said...

Only 12 days until kickoff of the season opener!!! Looks like yall had lots of fun! Glad it was a good afternoon :)

THE ROOST said...

Girl I LOVE football too! He was having a blast up there with the "big boys".....Go Hogs Go

Ris said...

I have been out to the tailgate party for the Razorbacks a few times. (Out on that golf course on their home field) It was a lot of fun! Hanging out with friends and watching my husband kick the pants off everyone else at playing "washers". Good times! (Haven't been since before we had kids, but that's ok!) Our friends that lived there just moved to San Diego, so alas, no more tailgate parties for me. :-(

Basketball is more my sport of choice. Love watching golf too, and hockey. I can't get into football though! Even though I worked at the Cowboys games for tv networks for 10 years. Still don't know all the rules and can't get into it.