Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm Just a boy

Hello, D-Man here.

Mom doesn't know I'm on here...she normally tells me to stay off the computer, but well, I need to keep up with my here I am.

Mom and I were talking about my flowers that were blooming today.
She wanted me to smell them so that she could get a blog-worthy picture.

But, I was being a boy...uncooperative.
And I decided that the flower looked better in my hand than on the plant.

You know, I was just being a boy...somewhat destructive.

Mom wasn't really happy because she was out of stuff to blog about and I hadn't really helped out with any photo ops.

Maybe me writing this blog post will make up for it. It might not, though, because I'm on the computer without permission.

But, you know, I'm just being a boy...mischievous.

Bye for now!

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Sarah said...

Very cute! My boy is definitely a different creature than my two girls. He is hard to discipline because he grins at me every time. :-)

Queen B said...

Very cute. Love the pictures!!

Beachy Mimi said...

So cute!

April said...

LOL boys are born destructive! I remeber me and my son were at the courthouse one day and someone had thrown roses peatles on the ground, He pointed with excitment, I said "ahh those are pretty" he followed by stomping on them and smashing every single one. He is just a boy!