Monday, June 2, 2008

And away he goes...

For the past several weeks when anyone would ask D-Man what he is getting for his birthday, he would reply, "I'm getting a 4-wheeler for my birthday."

Let me remind you, though, that his birthday isn't until July. That is several months away.


So, we were at my mom's house the other day and she reminded that my little bro had a Power Wheels monster truck when he was little and she thought it only needed a battery to work again.

So we did what any parent would do...we loaded that bad-boy up in my SUV and away we went straight to the nearest battery-selling place.

And for $39.99 (not $299.99 like the 4-wheeler would have set us back) we were able to bring complete contentment to our soon-to-be-3-year-old son. And he's all about "safety first" and insists on wearing the red helmet that is several sizes too big.
I wonder if my mom will be able to give us his first real car?
Did I say that out loud?

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Keepin' It Real said...

As far as the "first car goes..............", let me know what his favorite Hot Wheels car is,and I'm sure I can fix him up!!!!!! So glad he is getting some use of the big truck! Mario doesn't have anything on him!

Nicole said...

OOOh! I can just feel his big boy excitement!!

THE ROOST said...

How cute is He! What a great deal too. That will keep him busy for hours!