Monday, June 16, 2008

Sounding Board

Ever had a day when you just needed to get a lot off your chest?

A day when nothing seemed to go right and you wanted to talk?

Or do you have those days when you are bursting at the seems to tell someone how absolutely amazing the day has been?

These people are what I like to call "sounding boards" which is a name that holds so much meaning.

Sounding...because they listen to all your sounds, whether it is a cry or a scream or a laugh.

Board...because they are rock solid. True to their word. Always there.

My "sounding board" is B and though our move has separated our houses by many more miles, the bond remains the same...strong.

Who is your sounding board?

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Beachy Mimi said...

Well, I'd have to say that B and PeepOne and PeepTwo are my sounding boards. Everybody needs at least one!

momof2 said...

I have a variety of sounding boards, but the one that gets to hear it all is my cousin, J.

Mrs. Jules said...

Love the Queen B! You are blessed, Amy.

I count it a privilege to have a few important sounding boards...of course, the Lord, who is most faithful; my hubby, whom I love chatting with late in the evening; and currently, "D", my friend and business partner, an awesome woman of God.

Queen B said...

Right back at ya, sister!

Joy said...

I also have a variety of sounding boards, depending on what's going on. If it is TTC-related, there's women on my message board. But if it's my personal life I usually talk to hubby or my sister!

Ris said...

My husband and my best friend ( get to hear it all!