Monday, June 23, 2008

We interrupt your regularly scheduled program...

I back...well, sort of.

VBS week is over!

I am alive and six young lives committed their hearts and lives to Christ.

D-Man gained an ear infection from the week, so this post is basically a plea.

A plea for prayer; prayer for the 6 who gave their lives to Christ; prayer for an ear that needs to be on the mend; and prayer for a momma who is redirecting her attention 100% back on her family this week.

Happy Monday!

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Queen B said...

You got it!! Hope you have a great day.

Ashley said...

i know how you feel! bradley and michael are both ear infection kids, and they both (as of tomorrow) have had to get tubes in their ears! so sad! i hate the darn things!

Mrs. Jules said...

Absolutely, Amy. And praise God for those 6 precious new lives that are now sealed in His.

Beachy Mimi said...

That's wonderful, Amy! I'm so sorry D-Man is sick and I'll be praying for ya'll. Get some rest this week!