Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Titles on Tuesday:Kids Edition

Today's Titles on Tuesday book is one written by a local author here in Arkansas. It is called 18 Wheels Rolling to Arkansas by Dasha Headley.

The publisher of this book says the following on their website, "Take it from a small-town girl’s point-of-view in 18 Wheels Are Rolling to Arkansas. Roll down a winding highway and cruise by the capitol, taking in the sights to see in the beautiful state of Arkansas! With rhyme and repetition, 18 Wheels Are Rolling to Arkansas will captivate small children as they learn about the beautiful state of Arkansas. Jump in the front seat and enjoy the ride! "

This is a book that I have ordered for our new niece, Baby C, and I plan to include one in baby gifts I give from now on. I think it would make a great edition to a child's library (especially if that child has ties to Arkansas!) And, I have heard that she has plans to write one for all 50 states.

I would definitely recommend!

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momof2 said...

Where did you purchase the book? Can you find it online or in bookstores? It sounds pretty neat.

THE ROOST said...

cool! Thanks for the tip.

Sarah S. said...

Dasha is one of my best friends! Did you know that she is from our town?