Thursday, June 26, 2008

This may take the icing on the cake

Pretend you are a fly on the while overhearing the conversation that D-Man and I had following a quick sp.anking that he got for not minding...and yes, I sp.ank my child because he sometimes needs it... now back to my story.

D-Man: "Mom, spanking me makes my poop come out."

Me: Overtaken with laughter I can't express so I don't respond.

D-Man: "So, would you not sp.ank me."

There is nothing more to say.

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Keepin' It Real said...

Oh my!!!!!!!! The things children will say..........what a sweetie!

Queen B said...

Hmmm. Wonder if that works for grown-ups? Might be better than Metamucil.

craftymom said...


Kids say the cutest things!

Jenny said...

We both laughed so hard when we saw this! What a silly boy you have!

The Landers Family said...

Outta the mouths of babes!! I love it...and I love you guys and continually am thinking and praying for you and your recent heartaches. :)LLL

The Abercrombie Fam said...

That is hilarious!!! I can't wait to hear all the funny little things Raylin is going to say!