Friday, October 5, 2007

Kids...Got to Love them

I am the oldest of five children. The youngest of them turned 11 yesterday and we all gathered at my parents house this evening for a party. How wonderful it was to see all my siblings, their spouses and the nieces and nephews. The night was a great one of food, fun, presents and my bro and his friends playing lots of football and playstation.

We capped off the evening with D-Man asking everyone about his "Sister Sally." Let's just say that she is non-existent, but he claims (thanks to a certain Grandpa) that he has a sister.

So, do you think he is telling us something? Food for thought...Maybe we should get him a pet.


Anonymous said...

He's feeling all the love that siblings bring when gathered together,and wanting to have the same feeling in his household. I think you should really consider getting him a precious brother or sister!

Anonymous said...

In my experience,children with siblings are better adapted to deal with the give and take of social relationships in all facets of the world. They learn the concept of sharing on a much greater level than children with no siblings do. Although most parents of only children do not intend to create a self-absorbed individual, they often do through unintentionally through their constant focus on their child, thus making the child feel as though their needs and wants are superior to others. I have many friends who are only children and not all of them fit into this category. However, I have WORKED on a professional level with several individuals who had no siblings and have found that they are often more difficult to work with b/c of their lack of learning to share properly and unintentional self-absorption. Therefore, help to make the world a better place......give the D-man a sibling already!