Thursday, October 11, 2007

Remember the days when...

I was talking with my sister-in-law recently about the reading assignments my 1st grade nephew had these days. She happened to have his backpack handy, so she pulled out hig nightly reading assignment for that day. It was called something like "See Sam Smile." All throughout the 8-10 page book, were simple, 2 to 3 word sentences for those beginning readers to sound out and read.

Those were the days...days when life was based on how long we could stay outside at night before it got to dark to see, days when our biggest worry was how much playing we would get to do each day after school, days when kids got to be KIDS. I often wonder today if kids are really kids anymore? Are kids as innocent and nieve as they once were? Or did I just think they were innocent and nieve back then? Post a comment if you would like, otherwise, get outside and enjoy this great weather (if you are in Arkansas at least!)


Anonymous said...

I think kids definitely are exposed to more at an earlier age than they used to be,so it is up to us as parents to keep them innocent as long as possible. Even when they start school,they are reading before Christmas vacation gets here. It is amazing what they teach them now and how early.Let them be little as long as possible and love them with all your heart.