Thursday, October 25, 2007

The New Boots

A month or so ago, I was searching around eBay. I came across some NWT (new with tags for those of you non-eBay users) camoflauge rain boots for D-man. I was able to purchase them and ship them for less than $10 and I did. I really hoped that he would like them, but did not bargain for the depth of that love (see to the left for a look at the boots).

They arrived one afternoon while he was taking a nap and I unpacked them and set them out for him to see when he woke up. When he awoke and saw them, he immediately wanted to put them (with his shorts) and did not want to remove them the rest of the evening. It continued to be this way for several days, as soon as he would wake up, he would want to put his boots on and did not want to take them off without a fight. He even went so far as to want to wear them to our local mexican restaraunt (with his shorts). He loves to eat rice and when rice would fall down into his boots, he would pull them off, dump out the rice, put them back on and continue eating. I finally had to lay down the "mommy law" when he wanted to wear them while taking his nap. I said no (a very exasperated no) and hid them in the back of his closet for several weeks.

Well, the weather has turned cooler, the rains have been more frequent and the boots have come out of hiding. He seems to be much better with them this time and only wants to wear them 95% of the time.


Anonymous said...

I love it! I can just see Dunn running around with those boots on. How hilarious! We miss seeing those red little curls bounding down the sidewalk towards our house. Amber McAllister

Anonymous said...

Remember this cardinal rule in rearing a male child.....Don't ever come between a boy and his boots.........