Friday, October 26, 2007

Room with a view

My younger sister, A-Girl, takes a yearly summer trip to the US Virgin Islands. She is able to take her family (her, husband and 2 kids) and they stay in her in-laws home there. What a wonderful family experience they have together, basking in the sun, eating great food and truly relaxing in a day and age where things are so hurried. She has invited my family several times to travel with them, but it just hasn't been where we could take off and go.

This year was no different. They were basking in the sun and swimming in the waves around mid July when I suddenly got the above truly uplifting picture entitled, "My view while laying out." Thanks sis for making me feel a part of that great vacation you had! She had it rough, didn't she?


Anonymous said...

Make your schedule work around this vacation!!

jlo said...

When do you and Andy and D get to go?
Take us with you please when you do.

Anonymous said...

If reducing stress really can add longevity to your lifespan, then I think I add 10 years everytime I must make it priority one of these days to travel with us! Love ya! A-girl