Thursday, September 18, 2008

All I needed was a bit of encouragement

D-Man and I traveled on Monday to the closest "city." We make this trek at least once a week because I need, I mean want, some "city" life and conveniences to calm the stir-craziness in me.

Anyway, our main focus for this particular trek was to have an ENT check out D-Man's ears. We have been having a time trying to get an ear infection under control (almost 3 months) and wanted a specialist to take a look.

While at the ENT's office...the office that we waited in for upwards of 1.5 hours in order just to see the doctor...we visited the restrooms.

D-Man informed me that he didn't have to go potty once we entered the stall, but "encouraged" me to go ahead and potty. And after I finished, in one of the loudest voices he could have come out with, he says, "Great job pottying, mommy. I'm so proud of you," as the lady next to me tried to control her laughter.

Do you think he's heard that before?

This is the same kid who said to the chairs...yes, that's right, the we were leaving, "Bye chairs," and to the restrooms as we were getting on the alligator, I mean elevator, "Bye potty."

I think our stay at the doctor's office (2 hours and 15 minutes to be exact) was a bit too long. And, I could have used some of that earlier encouragement at the end.

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Keepin' It Real said...

Ahhhh,if we could all take a lesson from the little ones about how to live stress-free, and don't sweat the small stuff! I love to hear what they are thinking! Love you!

just another day in paradise said...

Sorry your wait was so long. I assume everything is on the right track with his ears. Isn't it amazing how easily they can embarrass us? That's ok, I'm sure we'll make it up to them when they're teenagers.