Monday, September 15, 2008

One down, one to go

Oh my internet friends, I have news...BIG news.

One of my fingers is free again. Free at last, it's free at last!

But it still looks rather strange; and has some healing to do. But, it's free at last, free at last!

And here's a photo to prove it.

Notice, one is still bandaged. And the prognosis on it is unknown at this time. I'm meeting with a new plastic surgeon in the next week or so to determine if he wants to start over again...that is make my finger hurt by re-creating the injury again and re-grafting.

And I've decided that if he does want to reg-graft, that I'm going to ask that he take the skin from one of my MANY "fat" areas and take plenty of extra off just to make sure there is enough skin because it is much easier for me to get into a pair of jeans if my backside is skinny, but my finger is fat.

It's all in the name of medicine, my friends, all in the name of medicine that I'll allow extra skin to be pulled from my body. That's just how I roll.


Ashley said...

amy! any news on that game? are you still coming? when is it, etc??? i can't believe it's actually football time already!!!

what happened to your fingers???

Beachy Mimi said...

That looks so painful! I'm glad it is healing.

Queen B said...

Well that is good news. It looks great! If the doctor feels that you might benefit from a skin donor...I think we might work something out.