Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I might go a little overboard

It happened yesterday.

The day I have thought about for many years.

The day I knew would mark a new beginning in the D-House.

D-Man brought home his first book order form.

People, did you hear me? BOOK ORDER FORM!!!!!!

They bring back so many great memories...a fondness that I am savoring as we speak.

And you know the first thing I did when I got in the car after picking up the order form? I called Queen B because I knew, day or night, she would want to know. You see, the Queen and I share a love for all things book order and book fair related. We learned this a few months into our friendship when we were discussing the smell of the book fair. Yes, sadly, we can both still smell it.

And the smell brings back so many great memories.

And now I can begin the we've-gotten-our-first-of-many-book-club-orders memories with D-Man and I couldn't be happier!

Oh what will we order? What should we pick? Will the order form have enough room? Will I (I mean we) get a little out of control?

Are you as excited as I am?

And what does Husband think about all of this excitement? Well, he suggested framing the first book order form much like we would the diplomas, birth certificate and other milestones that will come D-Man's way. WHATEVER!

I really think he just doesn't want me, I mean D-Man, to go overboard...

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Jenny said...

I am right there with you girl! I love book fair time and whenever those order forms were passed out at my school I was thrilled! I cannot wait for Cole to get his first one!!!!

just another day in paradise said...

I LOVE the book order form, and honestly, I think it's a very economic way to add to our personal library collection (which is SO underpopulated. . .) : )

Mrs. Jules said...

Congratulations to D-Man. Book fairs are like candy stores. Like you, I do appreciate the written word, how exciting for you and D-Man. (Now the task of what to order.)

Queen B said...

So much fun!! I love book orders and book fairs send me straight over the moon!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

You are too funny!
I love book fairs, but at this point I'm a bit over the book order forms. I have four kids bringing me home four order forms a month.
Maybe I could send some on to you?!

Sarah S. said...

I totally share your love... consequently, my girls rooms are overflowing with books that I started purchasing during my elementary ed. college years when they gave order forms to us "soon to be teachers!" But, I still let the girls choose a book or two each time they bring home a form... because I have such great memories of when a new book would arrive! :)