Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Look Who Has 10 Fingers...

It's true.

Their back.

I'm elated!

They feel funny.

They look strange.

They still hurt.

But they all work.

I wouldn't recommend chopping off your fingertips and going 8 weeks without 2 of your fingers, especially fingers on your dominant hand.

There are easier and less painful ways to get out of having to work.


Keepin' It Real said...

I am so happy to see them mending and unwrapped! They look great and will continue to heal. You'll be able to get back to your lawn-mowing service in no time! Love you!

momof2 said...

Very nice. I didn't even cringe this time. BTW, I LOVE your new blog look!

just another day in paradise said...

YEA!! (and I talked about you. . .again. . .sorry!)

Queen B said...

WooHoo! All 10 fingers ready and able.

(Which is great, because I've been saving some chores for you...)

Ris said...

They look really good Amy! So excited for you! That is a high price to pay to get out of lawnmowing for life.

The Landers Family said...

Welcome back dear fingers!! YAY! I am so glad they are almost back in working order. They really don't look too bad...You will forget it all happened in no time! HA!!!

THE ROOST said...

They look great! I am so thankful you are better. :)