Thursday, September 25, 2008


Some kids look to Superman to give them strength.

Others look to Spiderman to conquer their fears.

And still there are some who turn to Batman to drive those bad guys away.

Well, my niece (J-Girl) and nephew (Goose Man) fall into none of the above categories because in their eyes, the superheroes they look up to are none other than...

Super "Snow Ball"

And, Super "Speed Racer" (who lost the "R" on his cape in a daring rescue)

Their capes are supplied to them by NaNa Lu who makes sure all the superheroes in the world have the uniform they need to make those daring rescues.

So if ever you are in need, give them a call. A pack of tuna or a can of cat food will surely bring them flying...I mean running.

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just another day in paradise said...

too cute! (And, it just dawned on me, don't I know goose man and j-girl? Gee, somedays I am REALLY slow!)

THE ROOST said...

How funny! I need one that says Super Pooper!

Sarah S. said...

These pictures are so funny! The last one looks like the cat could actually be flying! :)

momof2 said...

That is hilarious!