Monday, September 29, 2008

Who, MeMe?

So Rachel at Just Another Day in Paradise tagged me for a meme last week. This meme came at a really good time because, 1) it is my 1 year blogoversary month and 2) I don't have anything to blog about.

So without further adieu, let me list the top 5 ways that blogging has changed my no particular order.

One of the number one ways that blogging has changed my life is it has given me that out that all of us mothers, in my case stay at home mothers, really need. A way to feel connected, a way to channel inner intellectual desires, a way to feel a purpose aside from raising a family.

Blogging has also given me so many friendships that I would never have had without virtual cyber-bloggy-land (is that even a term?) Friends that understand when I'm at a weak point because my child has not slept in days, friends that understand how funny my son strewing toilet paper all over the house is, friends who know the struggles that Christian moms face and give support and friends who know when to comment and pick me up even though they've never laid an eye on me.

Blogging has challenged my spiritual walk and helped me become a stronger, more faithful Christian. It has challenged me to put into words my feelings and thoughts in hopes that I might feed the desire for Christ to someone else. It has allowed me to challenge all of you in your walk with the Lord as well.

Blogging has kept me connected to the ever-changing world. Often times as moms, we find ourselves bogged down in the everyday struggles and tasks and feel disjointed from everything else. Blogging has changed that for me.

And finally, blogging has sparked my creative side. Or, better yet, it has dug it out and caused me to learn something about myself that I didn't know I had. Will I be the next Martha Stewart, um, no, but I have come up with a few things that I am very proud of and owe the creativeness of many that I read for this.

So there you have it. Blogging has brought me a lot of things and I look forward to the positive perks I get from it in the next year.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to play along, I would love for you to. And remember, bloggers like comments (yes, I am putting into words what we all think), so comment away!


Susie Harris said...

Thanks for sharing~ Take care!

just another day in paradise said...

Beautifully said. I guess I know who to tag next time. : )

Amy Snell said...

Amy, you make me want to blog! I keep going through my day taking note of all that's going on around me and recognizing God's hand in all of it, and thinking about what a neat blog entry it would be!Maybe one of these days...