Thursday, January 17, 2008

And so I can now say I've been to the blueberry...

On Wednesday, I took D-man and his cousin, Ran-Man, to the local library for story hour. They sat intently and listened to two very entertaining children's books.

Wait, did I just admit that the books were entertaining?

Or did I say out loud that it was nice to be read to instead of having to read all those words?

No, I must have just thought that.

Anyway, after the story they made a craft. Today was a very appropriate craft considering it is winter and the birds need help finding food. Today they made a bird feeder (pine cone with peanut butter on it and then rolled in birdseed).

Cute, yes, but what D-Man told me later was even cuter.

We sat at dinner later in the day and I was gently persuading D-Man to pick up the pace or we would be late for church. As he is chewing each bite the recommended 8 bazillion times, he begins talking about making the bird feeder for the birds.

So, mom, being the educating type began to quiz him on the makings of the bird feeder. He told me correctly about the peanut butter, the pine cone and the birdseed.

And then he shocked me with this one...

"D-Man," I asked, "Where did you make the bird feeder?"

"At the blueberry," He replied matter-of-factly.

And so I scratched off my "life list" that I had been to the blueberry.

You should go sometime.

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Queen Mother said...

How cute!! From now on it will the the Blueberry for all of us!! Don't you just wonder what was going through his mind. Give him a kiss for me.

Keepin' It Real said...

Oh how I love those precious comments!!!!!!!! It makes me smile every time I think about it. Thanks for making me smile,D-Man. I love you!

Queen B said...

Funny! I love trips to the Blueberry.

Jennisa said...

Hey Amy! Can you write me and tell me how you got 3 columns on your blog page? I have a lady who wants the same, and I'm not for sure...Thanks dear!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I love the Blueberry too!

Especially when they keep the kiddos busy with crafts!