Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mindless & Frozen Wonderings

Well, the weather here has become a bit frigid and D-Man and I spent most of the day yesterday inside (and I'll admit, Curious George was watched a few times). At one point, I backed my SUV out of the garage, closed the garage door and we sat out there so that he could ride his new motorcycle around and around about a bazillion times. What a mom won't do for her son is unknown to me.

So, while I was sitting in the garage in my winter parka, gloves and hat, watching my breath because it was oh so cold, I had time to think about what I needed to blog about. I know you all wait anxiously for each post, wondering what words-of-wisdom or too-cute story I will tell.

Well, today you are in luck. Today, I'm going to tell you some things that make me well, ME! Most (or probably all) you won't care a thing about, but guys my brain was freezing at the time and this is all that could seep out.

1. I have a Type A personality that makes me what to control EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in my path. My sister and I butted heads all of our growing up years because being the 16-month older sister that I am, I knew WAY more about the world and she should do things my way. Sorry sis! I've learned from those mistakes (and from the cat fight we had when I was 18) and I hope you cherish our friendship as much as I do!

2. I don't like rooms or things that are left undone. For example, moving almost sends me over the edge and we've moved 5 times in the 8 years that we have been married. I don't like chaos and I want to be able to snap my fingers and everything, I mean EVERYTHING be in it's place and look good. I've learned, through the grace and patience that God shows me daily, this is not the most important thing.

3. I am a giver. I would much rather give than receive. I give 110% (or at least I feel like I do) in all relationships I'm involved in.

4. I love to run! I know, I'm crazy. But, honestly, running is a wonderful relief for me. I've run 2 half-marathons in the last 3 years and I'm hoping to run a full marathon in a year or so.

5. I live by a schedule and don't mind admitting it. Routine and schedules are a good thing in my household.

6. My family is so important to me. I'm the oldest of 5 and treasure each relationship I have with my siblings (and their spouses)!

7. I have a lot of acquaintances in my life, but a handful of friends whom I treasure so much. They help make me Amy and I love you all so much!

Well, I think that is enough for now. This post has really bored me, so I'm assuming it has probably bored you as well. Please forgive, be kind and keep reading because better posts are on the horizon!


Scribbit said...

I'd got right along with so many of these-except for the running :)

Kelly @ Love Well said...

Speaking as someone who fed her children snow for breakfast yesterday (it was what they wanted), I can say I'm right there with you in doing things for our children in the winter that would normally get us crazy looks.

Scott & Stephanie said...

Amy, are we long lost twins? Well, except for running marathons, but I could cheer you on like nobody's business!!!

momof2 said...

I have just one in the heck did we come from the same genetic pool????? At least we have treasuring our family relationships about all else in common.... I guess that's gotta be a trait on a chromosome somewhere that ended up on both of our genetic profiles, huh? Lol!:-)

Anonymous said...

Eating snow??? Wow -- hard to imagine given the balmy 69F temps here in SoCal, although they are predicting 3 major rain storms to hit over the next few days.

As for running, I admire you. I tried running as a way to deal with a mid-30's crisis, ran my first and only marathon only to discover that...I HATE running!!

As far as marathons go, the Nike Women's Marathon in SF is a phenomenal experience. Tough route, but really cool!!