Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Titles on Tuesday

Today's Titles on Tuesday is by one of my favorite fiction authors, James Patterson. The Beach House, which was also co-authored by Peter de Jonge, features the classic Patterson style of action, adventure and suspense.

It depicts a tale of strange money-driven murders that unfold in the Hamptons. Mix this murder with the need to get revenge and then throw in a little money and a lot of craziness and you have yourself a nail-biting novel.

I've always been a Patterson fan and though I've not read many of his recent ones because of other reading involvement, I enjoy the writing style he consistently delivers in his novels.

Check back next Tuesday for another addition of Titles on Tuesday! And, if you've got a book that you think I should read and review, let me a comment.

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Queen B said...

I like his books a lot. I really like the Women's Murder Club books that he writes. I think you got me hooked on them!!

Queen Mother said...

Thanks for the tip. I have read some of his books but not all.

The Foxes said...

That sounds like a great book.
I just might have to check it out =-)
I love to read.


Jenny said...

this is a great book! i read it right before cole was born. did you ever get to watch the women's murder club series on friday nights? very good!