Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's cold, the cabin fever is setting in and I've got nothing

Ok, I've pretty much got nothing of any substance today. It's been freezing here for several days and I'm kind-of crabby.

All I want to do is eat.

And sleep.

And eat.

And do no laundry.

And fold no laundry.

And eat.

Did I tell you that we thought we were going to have an ice storm, so I stocked up on the necessary we'll-be-stuck-in-the-house-for-maybe-24-hours food: brownie mix, gummie bears and popcorn.

The food of champion couch potatoes.

And so I say, Happy Wednesday!

I think I'm going to grab something to eat.

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Queen Mother said...

Once again, false alarm! Sounds like you stocked up on all the good stuff.

Queen B said...

Bake the brownies and take a nap with your son. The laundry will be there tomorrow.

momof2 said...

I blame this atrocious weather on my lack of weight are you supposed to lose weight when you must consume mass quanties of food to keep your body warm and insulated? And frankly, warm, chocolately gooey food does a much better job at insulating than fruits and vegtables.

Scott & Stephanie said...

Yum! Have a brownie for me!