Thursday, January 24, 2008

I swept all night, mommy

No, my son didn't mean that he got the broom out and "swept" all night. Swept is another word for slept and he was referring to the fact that YES he was finally sleeping in his big boy bed and had slept there all night. And, he hasn't even figured out that he can climb out by himself and come and wake me up (I'm keeping my fingers crossed!)

Even though, I wouldn't have minded if he actually swept the floors all night.

Or folded laundry.

Or emptied the dishwasher.

Or washed the windows.

I digress....sorry.

Anyway, yes, this is big for the "D" house! This momma has had a lot of trouble coping with the fact that even though D-Man won't ever-never-ever be sleeping in his crib again, he will always be my baby.

The room is coming together quite nicely especially after I completed my first sewing project. I've got a few finishing touches for the walls and then if you're really good, I might let you see a picture.

Or two.

Or forty (because I'm so proud).

I know you are all waiting on pins and needles for these photos, huh?


Queen Mother said...

Can't wait to see them!

The Landers Family said...

Yay for D-man! Sounds like it is time for another baby in the "D" house now!!!!!!! HA! :)