Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Unconventional Works-for-me Wednesday

Today's Works-for-me Wednesday idea is a bit unconventional in nature. Well, I mean the use I get out of this item is somewhat unconventional. The item I am talking about is this three-tier laundry cart with removable bag.

To most it probably looks like your ordinary-am-going-to-put-laundry-related-items-in-it rolling cart. But to the "D" House, it is none other than a garage toy organizer.

It is the perfect height for D-Man to roll it out of the garage so that he can play with what he has stashed in it. The three shelves are perfect for all his necessary planes, trains and automobiles and the laundry bag is so nice for thing such as baseball bats, sun umbrellas and bug-catching nets.

One might also find a much-needed bottle of never ending bubbles as well as the biggest bucket of sidewalk chalk ever seen!

And when we are all finished for the day, the toys go back in and D-Man (or mom if D-Man is not feeling the need to help out) rolls it back in to it's home in the garage ready for the next playdate.

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The Foxes said...

Impressive! Thanks for sharing

Jennifer =-)

~Rhen said...

Oooh, that is a good idea!!

Queen B said...

Great idea!

Barbara said...

This is a good idea but I wonder if you bought the cart for the garage or if it migrated there. I often have my best "unconventional" ideas when I realize that the purpose-built thing I've bought won't work for that purpose. Maybe it's just that I believe that a "thing" will solve my messy habits.

Amy said...

That's a great idea! :)