Friday, January 18, 2008

Maybe you could call me Martha

I've done it! I have officially completed my first sewing project, 2 window panels and a valence.

D-Man is ready to move into a big boy bed (he probably should have been there long before now, but this mom has some control and growing-up issues--another post entirely).

Anywoo, in order to make the transition, I felt we needed to completely change everything in his room. I finally found the bedding I wanted several months ago, but have been struggling on what to do with the window. I had found these at Pottery Barn Kids, but I needed 2 of the panels (in the most expensive length) and really didn't want to have to cut into the monthly grocery budget to clad one window in D-Man's room.

So, back to the drawing board I went.

And then, it hit me. "Amy, you could make them yourself."

"Had I lost my mind?" I thought to myself.

Yes, I decided that I probably had lost my mind, but I was ready for the challenge anyway.

I convinced the sewing queen (my mom) to peruse the fabric store with me on Tuesday. We settled on a great, heavy weight denim for the panels and a cute farm scene for the window topper.

Now, all I needed was to wiggle my nose and snap my fingers and the project would be completed, right?

Wrong! I actually had to do some work. And I completed this work in record time. I finished the topper on Wednesday and by Thursday morning I had completed the panels.

Oh how proud I am of my work (and my mom is smiling pretty big herself because I have taken an interest in sewing and have completed my first major project).

So, whatcha' think?

Anyone for some tea? Martha and I will be getting together at 10 to discuss our next projects.


Enjoy your weekend!

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momof2 said...


Queen Mother said...

So cute, Amy! I am impressed. You rock!

The Landers Family said...

Love it! You are so good! Now that you are a professional, I have a few projects for you!! Can't wait to hear about Dman moving into his new room :)

Queen B said...

They look great. Very impressive!!

Pattik said...

Well girl, I am just totally
impressed!! Very cute.Feels
good to learn something new.

I have a sewing machine, don't
know how to thread it!!!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

They look great! I can't believe that was your first project.
Now quit stalling and move that little boy into his new bed!

Scott & Stephanie said...

Good job, Amy!