Thursday, January 10, 2008

And so I just don't ask...

The other night as I was checking my e-mail, Husband was getting D-Man ready for a bath. This is Husband's job when he is home in the evenings and so during their "boy" time, I usually catch-up on "girl" time.

Anyway, as I was at the computer intently reading something of much importance I'm sure, I heard these words come out of Husband's mouth, " D-Man, get your head out of the toilet!" I stopped dead in my tracks or rather, my eyes peeled away from the computer screen long enough for me to somewhat digest what I had just heard.

I decided, for the sanity of myself, that I would really rather not know what exactly D-Man was doing to warrant such a request from his Daddy.

So, instead, my eyes fixed themselves back on the screen and I was content with just not asking.

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Lisa @ Take90West said...

Amen to that! Sometimes it is better to just not know what is going on!!!

Queen B said...

Sometimes it's best.