Monday, January 28, 2008

Who said they couldn't do anything?

We've officially changed phases in the world. No more baby for us. No sir, our D-Man is officially a kid.

He has seen his first movie theater movie complete with popcorn, Sprite and

And he lived to tell about it.

Wait...make that WE lived to tell about it.

Husband and I started talking about the first movie we would take D-Man to many moons ago. We knew that Veggie Tales was coming out with a winter 2008 movie and we wanted that to be the first movie D-Man saw.

So, what does any good parent who wants to get his kid excited about a movie do? They let him see the trailer for the movie on the Big Idea website which sends child into a 3 week sleep tailspin (big booming voice and rolling, stormy sea in the trailer was scary).

Needless to say, our bubble was somewhat busted because we were so sad that this couldn't be his first movie theater movie.

No, we weren't sad because we loved Veggie Tales so much and wouldn't be able to see if for many months after it premiered when it came out on DVD. No, it was all because of D-Man that we were sad.

But, that problem was resolved tonight. D-Man not only went to his first movie theater movie to see The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, he also went with his friends (one being a girl) and he sat through the entire movie, glued to the screen and love, love, loved every minute.

And mom and dad were pretty happy themselves because they got to see a movie in a movie theater! Not to mention, that movie was a Veggie Tales.

What more could parents ask for?

So, even though D-Man said he couldn't see the movie and the "pirates" didn't think they could do anything, both prevailed tonight and enjoyed a very happy ending.

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Lisa @ Take90West said...

Congratulations on the first of many 'big kid' milestones!

Barbara said...

This is a milestone that I am starting to think about. My daughter has never sat through a feature length film at home, not that I have put one on, but it seems the sort of thing that "big kids" do. But should I encourage her to want to go to movies that cost $7.50 for her and $9 or $10 for an adult (shows you how often I go to movies :+) ...